April  2015 | Volume 16 Issue 4


Kathy Colaiacovo, President

Do you miss this key success piece in your business?

Kathy Colaiacovo

Wondering what that key piece is?

Let me share… Goal Setting.

Don't roll your eyes… it is in fact very true. Goal Setting is one of the top traits in successful people. Studies have proven that people who set goals are more likely to have success than those who do not.

As a business owner, and yes you are one, it is vital that you take time to work 'on' your business and one of those steps should be setting goals. I attend events held by Bob Proctor several times a year and every time one of the top items on the agenda is learning about setting goals. He teaches that you want to set one big scary goal and work on the steps to achieve it along with smaller ones. Every day you should list out 6 things that you work on toward your goals – whether the big scary one or smaller ones. I like to have both in place so that I know I am always working toward that big one, but that I also see success in achieving the smaller ones.

Try implementing this and seeing what success you have!

As my final IVAACast message from the President, I wish to say thank you to all those who have read and been part of this ezine since I have been part of it and wish you all the success you can achieve in your business.

I'd like to end with a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of IVAACast and worked with me the last three years, most especially Ramona Nichols, Emma Farmer, Yvonne Weld along with our writers, Christine Bearse and Tracey D'Aviero.

I wish everyone all the best and look forward to next year under the guidance of Yvonne Weld as our President.

Now read on for more tips on setting goals!

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Colaiacovo

It's Not a Goal Until You Write it Down
By Christine Bearse

Christine Bearse

I have a passion for goal setting, ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I can't get through a conversation without bringing up the subject. The other thing they will tell you is I incessantly ask the question, "Did you write it down?" I had a conversation with my neighbor this past week about, you guessed it, goals. My neighbor is experiencing a low level of satisfaction in her personal life and feels she is just moving from one day to the next doing what she needs to do for her family and employer. She shared with me that she had recently found something she had written a long time ago with her goals on it. She was pleased to see that she had accomplished everything she had written. But she also came to the realization that she never created new goals once she had reached the earlier ones. She has thought of many things she wants or would like to do, but she has not written any of these things down.

Why goals that are written down have a higher probability of being realized – Once we commit our goals to paper, we have said to ourselves, "This is important to me." Now our unconscious mind goes to work trying to find ways to achieve the results we said we wanted. It is like having a little assistant working on your behalf all the time. To do this, our brains use a process called selective attention. This means that in a world where we are bombarded constantly with different ideas, images, news and people our brains look for patterns. It also has the power to filter out what it believes to be unimportant. So, how does it decide what is important and what is better off forgotten? It listens to what we say is important to us. For instance, we all know that when we decide on a car we want to buy we see that car everywhere, much more often than we ever saw it before. When we are talking about goal reaching, our selective attention makes sure we see opportunities front and center that we might have missed if we hadn't told our subconscious to be on the lookout for them.

Other tips for making your goals real:

  • Spend time visualizing them as if they have already happened. Try to feel the way you would feel if you were experiencing that level of success. Connecting emotions to your goals reminds you of how important they are and why.
  • Put them in front of you and read them at least twice a day. I use a digital vision board. I have found images that cause an emotional response for me and then I have added text to proclaim the goal. For example, I have a picture of a cottage on Cape Cod with the text, "Buy a summer home in 2016". This and other images are arranged on my computer's desktop and I spend time looking at them each morning and evening.
  • Read your goals each day as you are planning your activities. You will find that you start choosing activities that are the most productive in reaching your goals. You may also see that some of the tasks you thought were important, really aren't and can be eliminated.

So, the next time you see me (I'll be in Myrtle Beach at IVAA Live Summit) I hope when I ask you if you have written your goals down you will answer with a resounding, "Yes!" It's the first step on your path to success!

Goal Setting for Success
By Tracey D'Aviero

Tracey D'Aviero

Goal setting is a very big part of running a successful business. Do you set goals? If you do, do you achieve them?

The first important step to any goal is to write it down – there is nothing better than having something tangible written down that you can refer to, to ensure that your plan and strategy are on track and working for you.

And not only that, once you write a goal down it just becomes more real. You can see it, you can plan action steps to make it happen, and you can hold yourself accountable to get it done.

There are many places in your business that goal setting can really help you focus on what you want, and how you will achieve that.

Maybe you have set financial goals before – this is usually the first thing VAs do, and then they leave it at that.

I recommend that you look at many different areas of your business, and set realistic goals – that still stretch you outside your comfort zone – that you can work towards. By looking at areas like clients, training and products and setting goals in those areas, you can take the burden off of yourself from a 'numbers' standpoint, which can be a stopping point for many people in the area of goal setting.

Financial goals. How much do you want to earn? How will you earn it? Do you earn income solely by working with clients? If so, what does you goal look like in terms of clients per dollar? Do you have other ways to earn income? If so, how does that look?

Client goals. Who do you want to work with? Who are your ideal clients? How will you find them? Why will they work with you? How many new clients are you actually able to take on, and how often can you bring on new clients? Do you have any clients you are currently working with that are not your ideal clients? How do you move them out to make more room for your ideal clients?

Training goals. What do you need to learn to help your business get ahead? What do you want to learn? Do you need certification, or just a refresher? Are you at the front of your learning curve for your area of specialization? When and where will you get your training? Can you take courses online or do you need to take them in person? Can you study on your own or are they 'live'?

Product goals. Do you sell products yet? If not, what do you want to sell – services? trading time for money (client work)? products? If you do, are you able to build more with what you have – ie new programs, new parts to an existing product? How can you build these easily while still providing great value to your clients/audience?

As you can see, there are more than just financial goals that you can set in your business, and it is actually really fun to start getting everything down on paper where you can look at it, and work with it so that it looks achievable and exciting!

And once you determine what you goal is, be sure to set a deadline for completion – and put together a very specific set of action steps to help move you towards that goal.

It's no good to just say 'I want to get 3 new clients'. You need to plan when you want to get them, how you are going to get them, what you are going to do for them, how much you are going to charge them, and then how you are going to achieve your goal.

When you are setting any goals, be sure to provide yourself as much detail as possible, and always give yourself a deadline so that you can keep yourself accountable, and your business successful.

So… I want to get 3 new clients becomes: I want to get 2 new $500 retainer clients by X date. I will approach my strategic partners for referrals and follow up with previous prospects to get sales conversations with 6 people, and I will convert 2 of those people into new clients.

Get the picture? Plan, and then take action!


Two goal challenges for you

1. Begin saving today to join us next year. Connections made at these live events can be a pivotal point in your business. Investing in yourself and your business is crucial to your success.

A quote from a frequent attendee.

"The great thing about attending an event like the International Virtual Assistants Association live Summits is that I know who to refer when someone asks for a good VA in the United States. #‎knowliketrustfactor" ~Danielle Guerin

2. One goal of VAs, is to speak and share their knowledge and expertise. Why not start with our Online summit? Our call for speakers is open & we would love to have you apply to join us.

Sharing your expertise is a great way to let others know about you and your talents.

Online Summit dates are Oct 22-23, 2015, so block your calendar for those dates & join us. Registration will be open soon.

I'm off now to join the team in finalizing the details for the Live Summit. Many of us are looking forward to the networking, learning & yes, our toes in the warm sand. We hope you will join us in 2016.

Grace White

Grace White
Event Director


Christine Bearse ran her own successful VA business for over 6 years before becoming a business and goal setting coach. As the Goal Whisperer, she now helps women business owners overcome the obstacles they face when trying to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Read more about her and how she can unlock your potential at christinebearse.com.

Tracey D'Aviero is a veteran VA and Founder of Your VA Mentor. Tracey trains and mentors professional women and men who are brand new to the VA industry or who have been struggling to make their business successful. Her mission is to educate professionals on how to build and grow successful and profitable virtual businesses in the VA industry by implementing systems and smart principles. Contact Tracey for speaking engagements, group training or private coaching at www.yourvamentor.com.

President's Message
Getting Started - It's Not a Goal Until You Write it Down
Working with a Virtual Assistant - Goal Setting for Success

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